"Thank you all for the wonderful help you gave me, and I love all the picture of you kids, ,and thank you doc for giving me faith in doctors again god bless , thanking you all again."
L. Cooper from Minnesota

"I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you all have done with my teeth. I had much work done in the past that continued to be a problem. I have to say, so far for the last 8 months, I have been pain free. My smile has gotten so much better and now I am no longer self conscious of showing my teeth when I smile.The personnel at the practice are very friendly and courteous. You will continue to have me as your patient for many, many years. Thank you."
V. Piraino from Deerfield Beach

"While I miss the contact with Dr. Shepherd (we have been friends for a long time), he certainly left me in GOOD HANDS. You and your staff are professional, and you can be sure I will recommend your practice to my friends at every opportunity."
Carolyn from Delray Beach

"I just want to compliment you & your staff on the quality of your care. You all exude professionalism! Everyone is very kind & considerate and the attention to detail is noticeable, reassuring & very much appreciated! I am always happy to recommend your services to anyone who asks me."

Mike Muhr from Boynton Beach


Dear Dr. Lourdes Calvo; 

I am taking this time to let you know how pleased I am with the work that you performed on me. You did an excellent job and I am glad that you were able to handle a job such as this one, which consumed so much time and called for so much knowledge, ability and skill. I am amazed with the outcome that you were able to achieve. After the procedure was over, I had asked you if "you were happy with the outcome" and you replied that you were.Only a person with true confidence would have answered the way that you did. With your craftmanship, you were able to give my teeth a very natural look. I will reap the benefits and the pleasure from them for years to come. I am glad that it was you whom I selected as a dentist. I remember also the facts that you shared with me concerning your previous employment, the locations and your job descriptions. It firmed my belief that I had chosen the correct person. I know that it was a correct choice. And now that the greater portion is over, I have but to say THANK YOU, to you and to your staff who were all professionals and made every moment a pleasurable one.

Bill from Boca Raton


"As a dentist, you are as smooth as J C on the mike,.." 

Tim from West Palm Beach